The Trench Academy


Some of the highest paid players in the NFL are lineman, second only to the QB. Their role is crucial to every team’s success as they control the line of scrimmage ultimately determining the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, at the youth and high school level, linemen don’t receive the position-specific training and guidance to be as successful as their non-linemen teammates. The only athletes who understand this are ones that have been in the trench.


We a're Changing
the game

At Trench, we have engineered our programs for developing offensive and defensive lineman into powerful, reliable, and recruitable athletes. You’ll be trained to know what it means to be deep in the trenches, learning directly from our own coaches’ experience as professional football players.

Our approach is a lifestyle change, both physically and mentally. We instill holistic habits, injury prevention protocol, and character, on and off the field, to mature the rising athlete into the ultimate prospect.


Discipline. Dedication. Domination.

Trench starts with discipline and dedication in order to achieve domination. In just three years, we have had over 100 athletes recruited at the Division 1 collegiate level. If you are serious about your football career as a lineman, Trench Training is the way to get there. We take your future seriously, and we expect our athletes and parents to as well.

We require you to make the same commitment to us as we do to you. We require showing up, intensive focus, hard work, and perseverance -- resulting in a serious commitment of both time and money. This is all or nothing.


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We offer two integrated programs for our athletes to learn and develop in their football career.

the trench lineman academy

The Academy was developed simply because there was no other training like this specifically focused on lineman,


Elite exists to make our athletes more well-rounded, both on and off the field.

Many of our athletes participate in both programs.