Trench Elite

football performance training

Athletes in Trench Elite Performance Training work at their football craft all year long. Our holistic approach is based on protocols developed through our NFL experience. And everything we coach revolves around game day.

Trench Elite Performance Training Focuses On

weight training

We tailor our weight training to each individual’s strength for the best results and insist on safe, perfect form.


We develop proper speed with improved power techniques and are careful to not strain the body.


We pride ourselves on creating athletes who are just as explosive at maneuvering the field as they are strong and quick.


We know that this game is as mental as it is physical, so we focus on agility to keep athletes’ minds and reaction times up to par.


We guide our athletes on their daily nutrition and encourage mindful habits, because we know it’s the foundation to success on the field.

Trench Elite Entry Requirements

All athletes entering the Trench Elite will go through a period of analysis and preparation with our coaches. Athletes will be strategically placed dependent upon their skill level and school schedule requirements.

Ramp Up (Maximum of 8)

The Trench Ramp Up is designed to evaluate and educate athletes to enter the Trench Elite prepared to take on drills, set weights properly, and move at the pace of the program.

Those with little-to-no football experience must attend three sessions per week over an eight-week span, where testing occurs during weeks four and eight. Ramp Up is offered only twice per year.

1-on-1 Sessions

For those with more experience, typically the high school-level athlete, we require 10 1-on-1 sessions. before entering Trench Elite. 1-on-1 sessions also benefit athletes enrolled in Trench Elite who want additional focus on a particular area.

Trench Elite Levels

Trench Elite is divided into groups based on the athlete’s ability, execution, and experience. At each level, athletes learn to push their abilities by scientifically combining both hypertrophy and power production training. These groups teach athletes to move weight in an explosive fashion that directly translates to speed and power. As the athlete advances in weight training, so does his intensity.