Trench Lineman academy

Position-Specific Skills Training

The Trench Lineman Academy is our off-season training designed to keep athletes’ heads in the trenches even when they’re off the field. This program moves between the classroom and the field, developing techniques through film work, performance analysis, and coaching a better understanding of the position and the game.

This is a six week training program, offered three times each year, only during the off-season.

Trench Lineman Academy Focuses On

1-on-1 competition

film analysis

opponent breakdown

position identification

skills training

Trench Lineman Academy Is NOT ABOUT REPS AND SETS

Being part of the Trench Lineman Academy creates an attitude that becomes ingrained into everything that we do here. We take pride in the way we eat, train, study, practice, and the way we approach our craft every single day. We’ve developed programs for athletes early in their career through varsity veterans. Players are divided into groups by skill level so they can safely develop with their peers.

Age Groups

The Young Dogs (ages 10-13): This program creates the foundation by instilling great habits and techniques that can transfer to any team and any system. Teaching both the “how” and the “why” to create detail-oriented physical football players.

The War Dogs (ages 14+): This program is next level training. Here, we teach young high school prospects the science and application of pro-level Trench Technique.