nfl COmbine training

We test all incoming athletes at the start of our program to establish a baseline for future comparison. Then we test again prior to departure to demonstrate improvements and preparation for Combine success.

combine Training Focuses On


Maximize your speed through developing power, improving technique, and learning how to properly run the 40-yard dash.

position-specific work

You will be drilled on your individual position work done at the Combine. For select positions, we bring in an experienced consultant to practice the drills.


Our strength program is tailored to individual needs. Our programs have been refined to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time, specifically the 225 lb. rep max.


Great athletes must be flexible. The mobility portion of this training program not only will develop speed and agility, but also will help prevent injury.


We focus on the repetition of agility drills to teach proper technique. Athletes develop change-of-direction speed, as well as acceleration out of turns.

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Combine Training Schedule

Your schedule consists of 6 days per week where you will focus on speed, lift, and skill. Click here to choose your location and find your schedule.

  • AM – Speed
  • Mid-Day – Lift
  • PM – Skill

Performance services

  • Sports Therapy: We provide pre- and post-workout stretching, tape and ice, electric stimulation, and on-site injury care, as well as rehabilitation for athletes with acute injuries as needed.
  • Chiropractor: As necessary, on-site chiropractic care will be available. Our C.S.C.P. certified chiropractor can improve performance within minutes. When an adjustment is administered, range of motion is increased, muscle strength is improved, and most importantly, optimal nerve function is restored. All of this contributes to peak performance.
  • Massage Therapy: We provide on-site sport massage therapy that focuses on muscle recovery. Our certified therapists use intentional and systematic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to increase circulation, relieve muscle spasms, prevent sprains and strains, increase mobility, and enhance overall performance.
  • Yoga: We believe optimal training requires a holistic approach, unifying the body and mind, which is why our training regimen includes yoga. The ultimate goal is psychological preparation for self-control of emotions and the mind. Yoga will assist in being more mentally prepared for the Combine.
  • Active Release Therapy (ART): On-site ART, which is most commonly used to treat conditions related to adhesions or scar tissue in overused muscles, is available for Combine Athletes. As adhesions build, muscles become shorter and weaker, the motion of muscles and joints are altered, and nerves can be compressed. Our on-site therapists will restore the smooth movement of tissues to release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels.
  • Nutritional Counseling and Customized Meal Plan: A specific diet plan is available for each athlete by a licensed nutritionist. Athletes will eat breakfast and lunch on-site and be given meals-to-go for their afternoon and evening meals.
  •  Video Analysis: We will record and critique each athlete’s technique throughout the program. Our coaching specialists will provide feedback on skill work, speed, and agility training in order to improve.


Trench Combine is located in sunny Tampa, Florida. Escape to the tropics while you train for Combine and ensure a focused training program. We provide the option to stay in our contracted accommodations, near the relaxing beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast and minutes from Downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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