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Are you frustrated by not seeing results after putting in countless miles on the treadmill? Maybe you've been going regularly to your local gym, but feel unable to reach your goals. Do you ever look at professional athletes and wonder, "how did they get into such amazing shape? Is it just genetics? What am I doing wrong?"
Yes, talent and genetics have a lot to do with it, but the reality is, that is just the start. What keeps a talented athlete able to:
Perform at their highest level day in and day out
Have chiseled yet mobile, athletic bodies
Stay healthy and enjoy a long successful career

It's their lifestyle. Period.

Spots are Limited.

Your Body is Your Business. Treat It Like One.

A combination of nutrition, supplementation, proper training protocol, precise techniques, and customized recovery systems enables their bodies to run like well-oiled machines. We say as a professional athlete, "Your Body is Your Business." But how do you get this same elite knowledge and training for yourself?

A Program Just for YOU.

Here at The Trench Academy, we deliver some of the highest results for the world's top athletes. We are the one-stop-shop for the most disciplined athlete offering a full-service program designed to reach maximum results by customizing their training, therapy, injury prevention protocol, diet, and supplementation. And now, we are opening our first-ever Adult Trench Training Camp to allow everyone access to this lifestyle and resources.

What is Adult Trench Training Camp

What does the Program Look Like

Spots are Limited!

Trench Academy - Elite Football Training Academy - Tampa - Taylor

"Here at The Trench Academy, we have the most proven athletic development program in the country. Our program not only enhances body performance but will also transform it aesthetically. It doesn't matter what level you come in at, you will be a completely evolved athlete by the end. We follow a proprietary methodology, but we understand every athlete is different. Each athlete will have a certain level of customization or modification based on their individual needs. No two athletes are exactly alike, and because of that, I am only allowing 12 people into this program. To guarantee the results and the experience, we want to make these 12 individuals top priority to be able to impact every individual's experience. With this centralized focus on each athlete, we guarantee results."

Coach Taylor Scott

Train, Perform, Look Like an Athlete!

Invest in yourself and report to The Adult Trench Training Camp to learn and experience what it is like to be a professional athlete. Train Like an Athlete, Perform Like an Athlete, Look Like an Athlete. Come experience #thetrencheffect.

Cost: 3 Payments of $250

Included with membership

  • 3x/wk Small Group Training Session
  • 3x/wk Treatment/recovery in the Rebuild Recovery Center
  • Full access PowerHouse membership
  • Trench Swag
  • 6-week supplement supply
  • 1 Body comp scan and nutrition consultation with 7.7 Nutrition
The Trench Methodology

In this program, you will learn the Trench methodology and the purpose behind the Five Pillars needed to create the best athlete.
We start by building a strong foundation and structure through high-intensity core work, balance, mobility, and stability that will combine with the proper technical application of each movement pattern. 
Once we have established the foundation of proper form and technique, we will go through three different types of training methodologies; strength, hypertrophy, and endurance. This is an athletic-based program where we will combine speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance to build the best all-around athlete. You'll not only perform at a high level but will also burn fat and build muscle. We pride ourselves on not only being the hardest working athletes but also taking an intellectual approach to every rep and every set. Every movement and every exercise starts in the mind first. This program will train your mind to think through every exercise to ultimately maximize results and transform your body.

Spots are Limited.

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