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The Trench Academy is for the most disciplined athletes who want to compete at their highest level. Our proven-process crafts recruitable, injury-resistant athletes.

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Trench Elite

The industry leader in crafting Collegiate/Pro football players. Build strength, power, speed, and explosiveness to maximize the production out of our athletes and keep them injury-free.

In Season

Exclusively to the football athlete, this in-season protocol is crucial to the performance and health of the athlete. Come in on select nights after walk-throughs to do pregame treatment in our on-site recovery center.

Football Position Specific

We develop next-level ball players.


Upcoming football camps

Limited spots available for the most dedicated athletes.

Crafting Recruitable AthLetes

The number one enemy of a player’s success is lousy training that leads to a sub-par athlete or even worse, a career-ending injury. 

We hear it all the time. “I wish I would have known all this when I was younger. Imagine how much better I would have been.”

Our coaches know what it takes to train recruitable, injury-resistant athletes because we’ve been there. As pro athletes ourselves, we instill an attitude of dedication and determination that leads to success in all aspects of life.



At The Trench Academy, we only want the most disciplined athletes. Those willing to do what it takes to accomplish their goals and dreams. Those willing to train at a pro level, because dedication plus our proven-process equals RESULTS.


NFL Draft Picks


Active Athletes Under NFL Contracts


Of Trench Players that Graduate High School Receive a College Offer


Of Players That Graduate the Trench Program Go On to Play College.

MORE Division 1 Players are Produced Through the Trench Program On Average Over Any Other Private Training Program

“Greatest gym and trainers! I started with the D1 program out of shape, overweight, and later in life, trying to get back in shape...The trainers made me feel welcome from day one, and reassured me and helped me through all of my concerns. Very knowledgeable staff modifying exercises for me and motivating each of us. I feel confident now that I will continue with this program and glad I made the choice to join for the year. The owners are amazing people. Highly recommend the program and the Trench program they have for youth as well.”

Amy Kates (Google Review)

“Trench’s injury prevention protocol was great. I stayed healthy for games and I was injury free all season.”

Zachary Perkins, Berkeley Prep School

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Need More Info?