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At The Trench Academy, we only want the most disciplined athletes. Those willing to do what it takes to accomplish their goals and dreams. Those willing to train at a pro level, because dedication plus our proven-process equals RESULTS.


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Of Trench Players that Graduate High School Receive a College Offer


Of Players That Graduate the Trench Program Go On to Play College.

MORE Division 1 Players are Produced Through the Trench Program On Average Over Any Other Private Training Program

What To Expect

Proprietary Training MethodWe've designed a training method like no other to maximize your performance in every Combine measurable.
Position-Specific Training:
Our next level position-specific training coached by former NFL Players will take your technique, knowledge, and understanding of your position to a new level.
Physical Therapy and Recovery: We have a state-of-the-art physical therapy and recovery system provided by our Recovery Center. We believe in training smarter and taking care of the body to have you back to 100% before each workout. The Center includes some of the latest technology in rehab and recovery systems.
In-House Nutrition Program: We provide a program that will customize everyone's diet and supplement protocol to precisely what that individual needs to maximize their results. This program is provided by our Nutrition Factory restaurant where every meal is made fresh daily with some of the best foods and ingredients.
Customized Nutritional Supplements: We offer customized nutritional supplements from 10 Performance that will maximize growth, performance, and recovery.
Housing: Rest is just as important as training hard. Escape to the tropics while you train for Combine and ensure a focused training program here in sunny, Tampa, Florida. Housing options to fit almost any budget. Beautiful, clean, and functional housing close to the facility and all the great things the City of Tampa offers. 
Weight Training Program: Our program is unlike anything else in the country - Designed to make the body grow and develop in a way that completely changes the performance and body composition. Our athletes look the part as well as perform the part!

Rebuild by Trench
Recovery Center

If you train like a pro, you need to recover like a pro. Our onsite Recovery Center provides customized revitalization packages to unlock your strength, recover faster, and prevent injury.
An advanced form of flexibility training that lowers the risk of injury, decreases recovery time and increases performance. PNF stretching reduces muscle and joint pain and decrease stress with more oxygenated blood flow.
A healing and regeneration process that breaks up scar tissue and eliminates knots by flushing toxins and removing restrictions. This process rids muscle tension by enhancing circulation and decreasing inflammation.
A rejuvenating treatment preformed to reduce inflammation and effectively manage muscle and joint pain to promote faster injury healing. Cyrotherapy also ramps up your metabolism and is known to reverse skin aging.
This pulse massage treatment modality reduces soreness and swelling to decrease muscle recovery time and increase flexibility and range of motion.
A radiant infrared heat therapy that penetrates tissue to ease tension and increase oxygen rich bloodflow. This therapy also burns calories using the deeper infrared heat to increase your metabolic rate.
This non-invasive, drug-free laser therapy treatment provides relief from acute and chronic pain, reduces inflammation and scar tissues. It’s quick, painless approach targets connective tissue and muscle groups to relieve pain.


Trench Combine is located in sunny Tampa, Florida. Escape to the tropics while you train for Combine and ensure a focused training program. We provide the option to stay in our contracted accommodations, near the relaxing beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast and minutes from Downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg.

"My experience at the trench academy has been a long, tough, and really rewarding one."

TJ Spagnoletti

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