Young Dawgs

Young Dawgs is a training program exclusively for young athletes ages 8-13yrs old. Get the same Elite training as our college and pro athletes modified for age and physical limitations.


The Young Dawgs program builds strength, power, speed, and explosiveness while promoting stability, mobility, and structure. Our Young Dawgs come out bigger, faster and stronger than their competitors.

Young Dog Program Details

Young Dawgs is for ages 8-13. Once the athlete is 13, they may be considered for the next level depending on their physical and mental maturity and development. We will always place the athlete at the level where they can best grow and develop in a safe environment while remaining challenged.

Athletes must first complete the Rampup Protocol before being admitted to the Young Dawgs Program.
Young Dawgs is a two-day per week program broken down into: Day 1 – Full body Push/ Linear Speed. Day 2 –Full body pull / Agility COD. Each session is 1.5hrs with 1 hour dedicated to the strength portion, and 30 minutes towards speed and agility. Here we will continue to breakdown movement patterns and condition perfect reps to get them ready for the next level.


1. Book a free assessment to see whether this is a good fit, and view the facility and amenities.

2. If it’s a good fit, complete the Rampup protocol to learn proper form and technique, master movement patterns and muscle activation, and be brought up to speed with the other athletes training at a high level.

3. After Rampup, you’ll enter the Young Dawgs program which consists of:

***Athletes must consistently attend 6+x/month to maintain an active membership.

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