Our Trench Elite athletes work at their craft all year long. Our holistic approach is based on protocols learned through our NFL experience. And everything we coach revolves around game day.

Elite Focuses

  • Weight training

  • Speed

  • Footwork

  • Reaction

  • Nutrition

All athletes entering the Trench Elite training will go through a period of analysis and preparation by our coaches.

Ramp Up (Group Sessions - Maximum of 8)

The Trench Ramp Up is designed to evaluate and educate the athlete to be able to enter the Trench Elite training, ensuring that you are on par with your teammates.

Those with little-to-no football experience must attend three sessions per week over an eight-week span, where testing occurs during weeks 4 and 8. This sector of the Elite program is offered only twice per year.

One-on-One Sessions

For those with more experience, typically the high school level athlete, we require 10 one-on-one sessions.