Trench Elite

Your Football Career Starts Here

The Trench Elite program builds strength, power, speed, and explosiveness while promoting stability, mobility, and structure. Classes are held three times per week, maximizing an athlete’s production and keeping them injury-free. Our athletes come out stronger, faster, and more recruitable than any other football training facility in the nation.



We provide rehabilitation for athletes suffering injuries by creating a plan to get them back on the field safely.


We pride ourselves on creating athletes who are just as explosive at maneuvering the field as they are strong and quick.

Weight Training

We tailor our weight training to each individual strength for the best results and insist on safe, perfect form.


We know that this game is as mental as it is physical, so we focus on agility to keep athletes’ mind and reaction times up to par.


We develop proper speed with improved power techniques and are careful to not strain the body.


We guide our athletes on their daily nutrition and encourage mindful habits because we know it's the foundation to success on the field.

Trench Elite Journey

All athletes entering the Trench Elite will be evaluated by our coaches and placed depending on their skill level and school schedule requirements. Each level provides an intense challenge that will force athletes to adapt and overcome or quit. There is no “getting by.”

RAMP UP (Maximum of 8)

All athletes of ALL levels must first complete their Ramp Up process and graduate before they are allowed to participate in our Trench Elite Groups. A Trench Elite position can’t be bought; it has to be earned! Through this process, we will teach these athletes how to execute movements with perfect form and technique that sets them up for success and keeps them safe once they enter The Trench Elite Groups. They will learn the Five Pillars of training, which are the foundation of our entire training process and are proven to deliver results. This process will also coach these athletes on the proper mindset and mentality it takes to make it through this program and take their game to the next level. The Trench Elite is not just a training program; it is a full lifestyle overhaul. The Ramp Up allows us to see and find the athletes ready to commit to this level of training.

Trench Elite Groups

Your performance in Ramp Up will determine your placement in a Trench Elite Group. These groups are categorized by skill level and intensity.

As the athlete advances in weight training, he will be able to advance to the next group level. Athletes learn to push their abilities according to their skill level by combining hypertrophy and power production training. The result is a quickly advancing athlete with the ability to move weight in an explosive fashion that directly translates to speed and power.