At the Trench Academy, we have developed comprehensive football training programs that complement each other to develop you into a stronger, healthier, faster, and more mentally equipped athlete on and off the field. If your goal is to play football in college and beyond, this is the place to train and build the work ethic, good habits, and technical skills required for a successful football career.

Train with the best

Crafting Recruitable Atheltes

We have proven results taking athletes from middle school linemen to top college prospects.

Our athletes are not just strong in the weight room or fast on the field. They’re explosive and powerful. They dominate the line. They lead their high school teams. They excel in the classroom. They pave the way to successful collegiate careers.


At Trench, we train our athletes from day one to be the most valuable player in the eyes of recruiters. If you’re serious about your future football career, there’s no better place to lay the foundation for success. Contact us today for more info about our recruiting services.

Being part of a Trench training program is a lifestyle–one that’s been crafted from our experience.

We’ve played in the pros, so we know what it takes to get there. We know results don’t happen overnight, which means your commitment shouldn’t be limited to practice. We expect discipline, hard work, and patience, and, if you want to see these results, so should you.Time is precious, so if you’re choosing to spend it in the Trench, we’ll make the most of it.

“Trench’s injury prevention protocol was great. I stayed healthy for games and I was injury free all season.”

Zachary Perkins, Berkeley Prep School

“I feel like I’m the strongest and most prepared (on the field).”

Dadier Rosario, Steinbrenner High School

“Trench has made me stronger, faster, more conditioned and healthy, and given me confidence.”

Gage O’Neill, Palm Harbor University High School


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