Antron Dillon

Performance Coach


Coach Antron Dillon is a former collegiate from the University of North Alabama and pro defensive end that has played the game at the highest level in both the NFL and AFL. 2x Arena Bowl Champion.


He uses his knowledge, experience, and expertise through Trench Certification to develop young men from youth leagues all the way to the NFL. His experience has allowed him to work with some of the best football players in the country -- high school, college, and the NFL. Coach Antron is known for having some of the most creative and innovative footwork and agility drills that translate to sport-specific techniques. He also focuses on position-specific training with Dlinemen and Linebackers. Coach Antron is also our Head Adult Coach and designs many of our athletic-based adult programs that combine athletics and aesthetics through high-performance adult training. He has transformed countless bodies of our adult athletes to look, perform, and feel like pros.