Raymond McNeil

Recruiter and O-Line Specialist


Coach Ray is a former Collegiate Football Player and is a professional veteran in the AFL. He played professional football for over a decade and earned numerous All Arena Accolades.


Coach Ray is the one-stop-shop for all offensive linemen. He uses his knowledge, skill, and Trench Certification to build some of the country's best offensive linemen. He has worked with some of the best high school, college, and NFL offensive linemen in the game, and starts them at a young age on the path to success. Over 90% of the high school linemen that have trained with him through high school end up with a collegiate scholarship. Coach Ray also plays a large roll in The Trench as our recruiting coordinator. Not only does he recruit athletes with great potential to the program, but he heads up our first class service helping young athletes get recruited. Coach Ray takes pride in helping these athletes make their dreams a reality by taking their game to the next level.