Girls Elite training

L-Fit is a Trench program exclusively for ladies, but it’s not your typical training program. This program is designed specifically for young women looking to take their game, dedication, and discipline to an entirely different level.


You will see mind-blowing results through this program, but you have to maintain consistency. The hardest part is showing up, and staying consistent!


At L-Fit, we use Train Heroic, a training app to guide and track your results every day. Make sure you are in the app daily recording all your times, rounds, and weights.

Quicker. Higher. Faster.

In the Trench, execution is everything. There are many advantages to lifting heavy weight, but only when done correctly. Lifting heavier does not make you strong; lifting better does. We can never allow ourselves to get away with a bad rep – on the field or in the weight room. Through L-Fit, you will get stronger every day. That strength will lead to power, explosion, and acceleration to make you react quicker, jump higher, run faster, and ultimately become a much more fast-twitch athlete, which will translate to all athletic activities.

Ramp Up

Before entering any program, all of our athletes must complete the 10 session ramp up protocol regardless of physical maturity or athletic ability. During these 10 session, the athlete will work privately with a coach to learn form, technique, how to translate weight room strength training to on field production. Evidently proper execution is paramount, which is our primary focus. But we also use this time to focus on mind-muscle connectivity, breaking down muscle activation during each movement. Upon completion of the Rampup, the athlete will have learned how to master movement patterns, proper weight room etiquette, coaching cues and proper form and technique. They will then be ready to join our groups.


1. Book a free assessment to see whether this is a good fit, and view the facility and amenities.

2. If it’s a good fit, complete the Rampup protocol to learn proper form and technique, master movement patterns and muscle activation, and be brought up to speed with the other athletes training at a high level.

3. After Rampup, you’ll enter the L Fit program which consists of:

***Athletes must consistently attend 10x/month to maintain an active membership.

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