Summer CAMP

The Trench Academy is opening up it's second location in Pasco (Trinity blvd & Little Rd) this Summer! The first 48 members to register for this Summer Rampup Camp will receive an exclusive lifetime discount to the Trench Academy memberships and services.* This Rampup Camp is a 6 week program starting June 27, 3x/week 1.5hrs/session for only $500.

Prior to entering any Trench program, each athlete must complete and graduate the Rampup protocol regardless of physical maturity or athletic ability. During the camp,  the athlete will work with a certified Trench Performance Coach to learn form, technique and how to translate weight room strength to on field production. Evidently proper execution is paramount, which is our primary focus, but we also use this time to focus on mind-muscle connectivity and breaking down muscle activation during each movement.

While the first hour of the camp session is dedicated to strength Training, the remaining 30 mins will be focused on field training (speed/agility/conditioning). Each day will have a different muscle group focus. Upon completion of the Rampup Camp, the athlete will have learned how to master movement patterns, proper weight room etiquette, Trench coaching cues and proper form and technique. They will then be ready to join our Young Dawg and Elite Programs in time for our In-Season Protocol.

Missed the Summer Rampup Camp? No worries, you can still join by completing the Rampup (10 sessions) first.

Elite/Young Dawg Program info
In-Season Protocol info

* Lifetime Discounts for the first 48 means that their rates will be grandfathered for the duration of their continued participation.

Trench Elite Program pricing in Pasco: $550/month
First 48 rate for Trench Elite: $425/month

Trench Young Dawg program pricing in Pasco: $550/month
First 48 rate for Young Dawg: $425/month

Position Specific Training private group Sessions Pasco: $750/10 Sessions
First 48 rate for private group sessions: $650/10 Sessions

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(9-12 yrs old)

High School
(13+ yrs old)

Youth Morning Camp
Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Saturdays
9:30am - 11:00am
June 28- Aug. 6
13+ Morning Camp
Mondays/ Wednesdays/ Friday
June 27-Aug. 5
Youth Evening Camp
Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Saturdays
6:00pm - 7:30pm
June 28- Aug. 6
13+ Evening Camp
Mondays/ Wednesdays/ Friday
6:00pm - 7:30pm
June 27-Aug. 5

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I’m 14 but in the 8th grade, what age group do I go into?

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