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The Trench Academy is dedicated to forging injury-resistant athletes that meet and exceed their goals. We develop training programs for those who want to dominate on the field, in recruitment, and in competition. Success for us means success for our athletes. It also means showing up and working hard every day.
No excuses, no sugarcoating.

Our Programs are not for Everyone. 

But discipline at The Trench Academy is more than just strength and grit. Our coaches provide individualized attention to our athletes so they develop through safe, results-driven methods. We incorporate nutrition guidance, supplement regimens, physical therapy, injury prevention protocols, and even yoga for a healthy, holistic approach. As our athletes strengthen physically, they also develop character and mental toughness to take on all of life’s challenges.

I can’t say enough positive things about this training program. The self-confidence is a major impact. Jake isn’t your typical 13-year-old and for him to be around these amazing coaches has been nothing but positive. They demonstrate high standards as men which is refreshing to have Jake be around. Jake looks up to these men as astounding role models.

Stacey Gunter, Son: Jake Gunter

Luke has been with the Trench Academy training programs since the beginning. When he was around the age of 13, Taylor Scott and other Trench coaches sought Luke out at a ball game and the rest is history. Coming up on 16, Luke has the attitude, physique, speed, and strength that most grown men would die for according to his father Steve Gage. Steve is fond of the Trench Academy programs and the connection that Taylor Scott has with his athletes on and off the field. He’s more than a coach calling plays, Steve says, he teaches these boys how to carry themselves. I really believe in it [the program]

Steve Gage

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