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The Trench Academy is dedicated to forging injury-resistant athletes that meet and exceed their goals. We develop training programs for those who want to dominate on the field, in recruitment, and in competition. Success for us means success for our athletes. It also means showing up and working hard every day.
No excuses, no sugarcoating.

Our Programs are not for Everyone. 

But discipline at The Trench Academy is more than just strength and grit. Our coaches provide individualized attention to our athletes so they develop through safe, results-driven methods. We incorporate nutrition guidance, supplement regimens, physical therapy, injury prevention protocols, and even yoga for a healthy, holistic approach. As our athletes strengthen physically, they also develop character and mental toughness to take on all of life’s challenges.

Raymond McNeil (Coach Ray) has been training our son for a little over 5 years as an offensive lineman. Words alone can’t begin to express how extremely happy we are with what our son has been able to accomplish because of his training. If you are looking for a great trainer for your athlete, you cannot get any better than Coach Ray. However, you will not be getting just an ordinary trainer that has your athlete run mindlessly through drills. What you will get is a trainer that takes the time to understand your athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses and focus on helping them become well versed at the position at which they play. Coach Ray has given our son an extreme advantage as a lineman both in his technique and his understanding of his position and its requirements. However, one rare thing coach Ray instructs his athletes on is film review. Whether be for game prep or self-evaluation; his training has helped our son develop the ability to breakdown his opponent and their tendencies for game prep, as well as evaluate himself for areas in his skill set that may need more focus. This is something that you just do not get from most trainers. Outside of the training, Coach Ray has developed a bond with our son that goes well beyond the field. He was very instrumental in helping us get through the treacherous college recruiting process often letting us known in advance what to expect each step of the way. Now that our son is in college, coach Ray still makes himself available for our son to reach out to him about anything. Coach Ray is not just our trainer, he is family, and we love him for all that has a done and continues to do for us.

Jermaine Perkins

I can’t say enough positive things about this training program. The self-confidence is a major impact. Jake isn’t your typical 13-year-old and for him to be around these amazing coaches has been nothing but positive. They demonstrate high standards as men which is refreshing to have Jake be around. Jake looks up to these men as astounding role models.

Stacey Gunter, Son: Jake Gunter

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